Earn cryptocurrency by coin pay u site

Earn cryptocurrency by coin pay u site

Earn cryptocurrency by coin pay u site
Earn cryptocurrency by coin pay u site

Coin pay u is the best way to make money online. In this app you can earn many crypto coins like tron coin, bitcoin, usdt, lite coin, Zcash coin and others. So guys in this blog i will share about this site for how to earn crypto coins.

Lets starts


So guys click here you can show coin pay u home page. Click the registration button top right side corner. Enter Username, Email, Password, Repeat Password, click i agree box, verify captcha and click registration. Your account is registered. This site you mail so you can open mail and click confirm email and then open your account.

How to earn coin

So guys you can show dashboard click “View ads” and you can see Surf Ads, Window Ads, Article Ads, Video Ads, click surf ads you can see many article title link with below satoshi and second. So guys click the link, open a new window, wait according to this article second and then verify captcha. So back to the home page and you see your balance is added. So another option is the same as the Surf Ads option.

So guys you can show a faucet option. Click the faucet option and you see many coin and blow claim options. Click claim option, new interface and again click claim now button, wait many seconds and verify captcha and then click claim now button, so your balance is added to your account. 

How to withdraw

Guy, to withdraw your balance you need a faucet wallet. First of all you can create a faucet pay account. And then open your profile in coin pay u click wallet add you coin address and click nest enter complete details then click withdraw on you dashboard. So your coin receives your faucet in 24 hours.

How do I start earning cryptocurrency?

Earning cryptocurrencies is tough and isn't just the domain of entrepreneurs or experts. If you can, try to be an entrepreneur through freelancing and Craigslist ads. Try to sell your skills and services, not a product. You can also teach people and get paid in crypto by developing tutorials like this one I found on YouTube "How to Get Started with Cryptocurrency. "If you're a college student, you can do research on cryptocurrency topics for your school professors and earn crypto in return.

How can I earn free cryptocurrency?

Some ways to earn free cryptocurrency are: 

1) Sign up for Coin base and get $10 worth of Bitcoin for free. 

2) For every friend you refer to, you'll receive $5 in bitcoin.

3) Get paid to complete tasks including small data entry jobs and surveys on Coin Tasker.

How long should you hold crypto?

If you are a speculator or day trader, then you should sell your crypto before the short-term price drops. For example, if Bitcoin's short-term price drops to $6,000, then you should sell your Bitcoins because Bitcoins may not decrease in price past $6,000. If you have crypto as an investment and it is long-term holding cryptocurrency (say Bitcoin), then you should hold on to it until the underlying asset increases in value over time.


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